The question of when Eching was first settled will probably never be answered. During archaeological excavations in the construction area Eching-West in 2018, remains of a Roman settlement around 700 AD and even graves with relics such as ceramic cups from the Bell Beaker Culture around 2,500 BC were found. However, the first documented reference is usually used to determine the age of a settlement. "Ehingas" is first mentioned in the year 773 in a title deed of the episcopal registrar Sundarheri. The year 773 is therefore considered to be the founding date of the present-day community of Eching. In 2023 we can celebrate the 1250th anniversary. The core of the celebrations will be the weekend from July 14 to 16. Save the date! Instead of an expensive festive reception for invited guests, the focus of the anniversary celebrations will be the citizens. All offers around the anniversary weekend will therefore be free of charge and open to all visitors.

Mayor of Eching Sebastian Thaler

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