Sustainable Living

Environmental and climate protection at Boardinghaus Eching

Climate protection and sustainability are two of the most burning issues of our time. Also at Boardinghaus Eching, because the effects of climate change can no longer be overlooked. Read on to find out what measures we have taken and how you can help us to reduce the ecological footprint of our accommodation.

Power and heat

Since 2019, Boardinghaus Eching produces its own electricity and heat. Highly efficient and climate-friendly!

Combined heat and power plant

Our combined heat and power unit produces an electrical output of approx. 20 kW and, by means of cogeneration, a thermal output of 39 kW. Similar to a car engine, energy is generated by using a fuel. However, unlike the combustion engine in a car, the waste heat generated during combustion is fed into a connected (coupled) heating system and is thus used for heating and hot water. On-site production eliminates the losses associated with distributing electricity and transporting heat over long distances. As a result, our power plant achieves an overall efficiency of around 95% under full load, earning it the highest possible energy efficiency rating of A++.


Photovoltaics & Energy Storage

During the day, a solar thermal system contributes to the boarding house's hot water supply.
Added to this we generate CO₂-free electricity from our 3 photovoltaic systems with a combined maximum output of approx. 47 kW.
On sunny days, they charge 3 energy storage units, which together can store up to 42 kWh of electricity and absorb the surpluses during periods of low demand and compensate for the increased energy demand during peak loads.

On average, each person in Germany consumes about 1,300 kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity per year, which corresponds to about 3.5 kWh per day. Our combined heat and power plant runs at full load for an estimated 5,500 hours a year, generating over 100,000 kWh of electricity, enough for about 80 people. Our energy storage units, in turn, store enough energy to supply an average of 12 people with energy for an entire day.

Saving measures

To reduce our demand for electricity and heat, we have taken the following measures:

How does heat recovery work?

Wärmerückgewinnung Infografik
Otterinfo, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

In our new buildings, a ventilation system replaces the stale air in the living area with fresh air from outside. The heat contained in the outgoing air is stored in a heat exchanger and almost completely transferred to the fresh air. This greatly reduces heat loss - but not only that.
In addition, special filters remove pollen and dust from the outside air and ensure a pleasant indoor climate in which even allergy sufferers can breathe a sigh of relief.
Another advantage of the ventilation system is that mold formation is prevented by the continuous air exchange.

Groundwater cooling

The restaurant, built in 2020, can be enjoyed even on hot days because it features an environmentally friendly groundwater cooling. In this process, cold groundwater is extracted, filtered and fed into the roof of the building, where a heat exchange takes place. Afterwards, the slightly warmer water is fed back into the groundwater flow, where it cools down to the initial temperature. This type of cold generation uses virtually no electrical energy, only the pumps require electricity to overcome the friction of the water in the pipes. Since our 3 photovoltaic systems generate high surpluses on sunny days, cooling is available on hot days at virtually zero cost and with almost no CO₂ emissions.

Environmental protection

Environmentally friendly business practices and the preservation of resources are part of our daily operations!

Umwelt- und Klimapakt Logo

Umwelt- und Klimapakt Bayern

Seit Mitte 2021 ist das Boardinghaus Eching Teilnehmer am Umwelt- und Klimapakt Bayern. Die Teilnahme ist nicht nur eine Anerkennung für obige Umweltschutzmaßnahmen, damit verbunden ist das Versprechen, auch in Zukunft umweltfreundlich und nachhaltig zu wirtschaften.

How you can contribute

By saving resources, you help us to reduce the ecological footprint of our house and enable us to keep the price level low, especially in times of high energy prices.

Please feel free to contact us on any topic related to the boarding house, we will be happy to answer all your questions. Be our guest and make a contribution to environmental and climate protection.