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In case your apartment is located in the building sections 10 - 10d, you will receive a code for a freely accessible locker at the entrance to Obere Hauptstr. 10 (on the side of the horizontal green illuminated sign). In it we will leave you the key for your apartment. We will inform you of your locker number and code before your arrival. To open the locker, please enter the code followed by the # key.


In case your apartment is located in the new buildings (apartment no. 1 to 83), you will receive an access code from us in advance, which will open both the front door and your room door. To do this, enter the code on the electronic door lock, followed by the ✓-key. We will then leave the key or transponder for you in the apartment.

At check-out you can simply leave the key or transponder in your apartment.

We offer shorter stays only in rare individual cases and upon request.

Our contracts expire automatically after 6 months. We will be happy to offer you another comparable apartment afterwards, if available. However, the apartment must be changed in any case and a new contract must be signed.

The monthly rent includes:
(Hot) water, heating, electricity, internet, satellite TV, one parking space in the underground garage as well as free parking on the premises, free access to the social rooms, room cleaning, final cleaning etc.

If the apartment is damaged or inventory is missing after the rental period, we will deduct the incurred costs from the deposit.

Not included in the rent is the use of the washing machines and dryers (1 € per washing or drying cycle) as well as other additional services (guest bed, additional parking spaces in the underground garage, use of the charging sockets for EVs, cellar compartment).

Please note that a potentially payable broadcasting fee (Rundfunkbeitrag) is also not included in the rent!

Visitors are welcome to stay in your apartment for a few days. However, please give us a short notice. We will then provide you, if necessary (for a fee), a guest bed with bed linen and additional towels. 
Visitors should of course remain "visitors", i.e. not share the apartment with you for longer than one to a maximum of two weeks. If we get the impression that your visitor is staying with you on a regular basis, we will first seek dialog and then charge the double occupancy rate if necessary.

We prefer payment by bank transfer. Cash payment is also possible. Due to the high fees for payment by credit card, we accept them only in some exceptional cases.
Payment via PayPal or other payment apps is not possible.

The deposit is to be paid until 7 days after signing the contract, but must in any case be received on our account before moving in! The rent is due monthly in advance.

No. Hence, nothing stands in the way of a cozy Netflix evening or a prolonged Zoom conference.

At present, no. However, only about 200m away from the boarding house, directly on the main road, there are several bakeries and a butcher's shop.

It is very important to us that all guests are entirely satisfied! Nevertheless, problems and complaints can occur from time to time. For example, it is important for us to know if there are waiting times at the washing machines or if the filters of the ventilation system are defective, because only then we can react to it.
We can be reached by phone during the day at 089/3191025 or at any time via e-mail (info@boardinghaus-eching.de) or WhatsApp (0179 / 215 00 85). Alternatively, we look forward to your visit to our office!

In a genuine emergency, the police (110) or fire department (112) is your first point of contact. 
Should you have been locked out, for example, or have another urgent problem (water damage, power failure, etc.), you can reach us at any time at 0179 / 215 00 85. Outside office hours, please dial this number only in case of emergency!

If an employee is needed on site outside of office hours and your problem is self-inflicted, we charge €20.

In case you do not already have a permanent residence in Germany, you have to register at the citizens' office of the municipality of Eching (Bürgerplatz 1) within 1 week after moving in. For this purpose, we will provide you with a confirmation of residence ("Wohnungsgeberbestätigung"). Please send us a copy of your identity card so that we can prepare it for you.

Please be aware that you may have to register your new residence for the "Rundfunkbeitrag" (broadcasting fee)!

Unfortunately, keeping pets, even well-behaved ones, is not allowed in our apartments.

The exact times for the 14-day cleaning of the apartments will be announced about 3 days in advance by notice in the stairwell. On this day we ask you to leave the apartment in an orderly condition. The service staff will knock first and then - if there is no answer - enter the apartment. If the previously communicated date is inconvenient for you, it is possible to arrange another cleaning date with the service management. During the cleaning of the apartment we ask you to leave the apartment for a short time. Of course, this is especially true at corona times.

Our contracts contain clauses to protect us in the event of damage or misconduct by guests. Several questions have reached us on this matter.

In which cases can a special cleaning be scheduled?

A special cleaning is only scheduled in extremely exceptional cases and only when a personal conversation has not brought any improvement.

Can the entire deposit be kept in case of loss or damage to inventory or furniture?

Of course, only the damage for which you are responsible must be compensated. For example, if you threw away your yogurt cups along with the used teaspoons, we will charge you the teaspoons and deduct them from the deposit.
If you have caused damage that is covered by your insurance, we will settle the claim directly with the insurance company. So in this case you will get the deposit back in full.

Is lack of ventilation or the like also a reason for not getting the deposit back?

To prevent mold, our house rules contain the clause that regular ventilation is required. This clause rather concerns the buildings 10-10d, because lack of ventilation in other buildings is more difficult due to the domestic ventilation system.
Here, too, we try to protect ourselves against extreme cases. Mold per se is therefore not yet a compelling reason for deposit reductions, as this can also have other causes.

This is possible in principle. However, how soon a suitable date can be found depends on the occupancy.

Yes, you are welcome to copy or print a few pages free of charge at our office during opening hours. For larger quantities, we ask for a small donation into the piggy bank.

If all washing machines or dryers in your part of the building are occupied, you can use the washing machines in the adjacent building if you are pressed for time. If there are frequent waiting times, please let us know!

A large part of our washing machines can not be opened in the conventional way after the power has been turned off after 2.5 hours. Therefore, and extra 1€ has to be spent. Please remember to empty the washing machine quickly. It might be best to set a timer. Your housemates will appreciate it!

There are many possibilities for safely parking bicycles, both in the underground car park and on the premises. Eching is a great starting point for extensive bike tours. We therefore recommend bringing your own bike!

Guests who would like to rent a bike can do so at Hotel Olymp. (Link).

If you are our guest without registering your residence here, you do not have to pay the broadcasting fee.

However, registering a residence in Germany generally triggers a duty to pay broadcasting contributions ("Rundfunkbeitrag"). Exception: You are already registered, e.g. because you already maintain another residence in Germany or are exempt from the fee for social or health reasons.
Rundfunkbeitrag – Befreiung / Ermäßigung

The "ARD ZDF Deutschlandradio Beitragsservice" (formerly GEZ) is usually notified automatically by the registration office when the new residence is registered. Currently, the broadcasting fee is €18.36/month.

Further information, as well as the possibility to register online, can be found here:
Rundfunkbeitrag – Homepage

Any further questions? Then we look forward to hearing from you!