About us

How it all started.
The story of the boarding house begins in early 2010 on the site of a former construction company. At that time, the first 39 apartments were built. Since then, our boarding house has enjoyed great popularity, so we have increased the number of appartments in several construction phases - distributed over 9 building sections today. With our 180 high-quality and modernly equipped apartments, we are currently one of the largest boarding houses outside the gates of the state capital Munich and your ideal partner for sophisticated temporary living in the northern Munich area.

How an apartment becomes a home.
"Welcome home" is not only our motto, but also our philosophy. A roof over your head is not yet a home. That is why, even with now 180 apartments, we are very committed to a warm and familiar atmosphere, which will help you feel at home with us after only a short period of acclimatization. We always have an open ear for our guests. For problems, for suggestions for improvement or just for a short small talk in between.

Ready for the future!
Many talk about protecting the environment and the climate, we act. Or rather, we have acted. Our new buildings, for example, were constructed in accordance with the energy-saving KfW 55 efficiency house standard and are supplied with electricity and heat by a modern heat and power plant. All new apartments have an individually adjustable ventilation system with heat recovery. Furthermore, a 30 kWpeak PV system in conjunction with a large battery storage system ensures a largely self-sufficient, clean power supply. Surplus electricity is fed into the grid, and green electricity is purchased if there is a shortfall.
As part of the new construction completed in 2020, the underground parking garage was also significantly expanded. Here, several charging sockets for electric and hybrid vehicles are now available for our guests.
Since mid-2021, Boardinghaus Eching is a participant in the Bavarian Environmental and Climate Pact.

We are looking forward to welcoming you!

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Our Team


Verena Danner

Office Manager, Bookings, Administration


Lina Kolbinger

Bookings, Quality Management, Guest Relations


Kathrin Kranz

Administration, Marketing, Correspondence


Anke Waldmann

Marketing, Communication, Administration


Maria Danner

Head of Housekeeping


Claudia Starunczak

Housekeeping and Office Assistance


Elmas Elma



Sandor Tatar

Facility Manager


Alexander Struve

Managing Director

Herbert Krimmer


Alexander Krimmer

Managing Director